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Inspiration for my jewellery and microscope obsession!

June 08, 2015 Naomi Southon

Barnacle necklace
Over the past few weeks I have been focussing on taking photos of my products and staging them in a way that shows people the inspiration for my jewellery.  Talking to customers at fairs and exhibitions allows me to point out the connections to nature and natural forms as the fancy beaded designs often mask the initial inspiration for that jewellery piece.
Flower necklace
For example, this beautiful pendant set is inspired by.......
Blue Hydrangea
....a gorgeous purpley blue Hydrangea I found at Harlow Carr.
pine cone detail
And this pine cone laid on it's end inspired me to create....
Pine cone brooch
....this intricately beaded brooch.
A couple of months ago I indulged my obsession of tiny detail and my love of nature by getting myself a microscope that can take photos.  As a result I can delve into the microscopic world and I have been having lots of fun!
lichen detail
heat treated copper detail 
peacock feather detail
enamel surface detail
I can't wait to use these images in my next jewellery ranges.


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