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Creating a Framed Cyanotype Window Decoration

December 08, 2023 Naomi Southon

As we have covered in previous blog posts cyanotype photography is an alternative form of creating photographic images. Two chemicals are mixed together creating a photosensitive solution which can be used to coat paper or fabric. This solution is allowed to dry in darkness as it is sensitive to UV light. Once dry it's ready for use and it can be exposed. In this project I'll walk you through the whole process from coating the paper to creating a framed print.

Making Your Own UV Box for Cyanotype Making

November 24, 2023 Naomi Southon

UV light bed

A UV bed or UV box can be a valuable tool for cyanotype enthusiasts who want to create prints without relying on sunshine. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that uses a photosensitive solution and UV light to produce distinctive blue-toned images. Traditionally, this process requires exposure to natural sunlight, but with a UV bed, you can achieve the same results in a controlled environment.


Creating a Decorated Tealight Holder Using Teabag Paper Cyanotypes

October 20, 2023 Naomi Southon

decorated tealight holder

The evenings are drawing in and we are wanting to make our homes more cosy so here is the perfect easy project to do just that.  How to make a beautiful tealight holder using teabag paper cyanotypes.  This method would be just as effective with other prints on teabag paper such as gelli prints or botanical prints, all of which there are separate blog posts for.  The reason teabag paper is a good choice for this project is that it is strong and will take all sorts of manipulating whilst damp and with glue it becomes more transparent.  These night lights were made with the thicker teabag paper but I intend on trying it out with the thin too as I think the layering possibilities with that will make a beautiful result.

How I Have Used Botanical Prints in my Sketchbook

September 10, 2023 Naomi Southon

geranium leaf botanical prints

As discussed in the previous blog post, botanical printing is a simple printing technique that allows us to capture the beautiful details and structures in plant material by using it for relief printing.  I printed a selection of leaves using relief printing inks onto both thick and thin teabag papers for inclusion in my sketchbook work, in particular the Seawhite Octopus Sketchbook that I am currently using.  

Botanical Print Making Using Tea Bag Paper

September 04, 2023 Naomi Southon

Botanical printing, a unique and creative technique, combines nature, ink, and a roller to produce stunning prints inspired by the natural world. It is a process that allows artists and enthusiasts to create beautiful designs using actual plant materials.

Botanical printing involves applying ink or dye to the surface of leaves, flowers, or other plant parts and then transferring their intricate patterns onto paper or fabric. The plant materials act as natural stamps or stencils, leaving behind their unique shapes and textures on the chosen medium.

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