Nimanoma stockists - Starfish Studio

Nimanoma stockists - Starfish Studio

July 17, 2015 Naomi Southon

Johnshaven harbour

The Starfish Studio is a little gallery in Johnshaven, a village comprising of higgledy piggledy streets in rural Aberdeenshire, selling affordable British art and craft.  

Starfish Studio exterior

The gallery is run by Kate MacKenzie who is an artist herself and so she understands how difficult it is sometimes as artists and makers to sell handmade pieces in a market filled with mass produced products.

" It was a long held dream (15 years or so) to own a shop selling affordable British crafts.  I was sick of seeing the same imported tat in so called 'craft' shops all over the country and wanted to give a platform to the talented folk of Great Britain.  Fate led me to live in a wee fishing village in Aberdeenshire, and there I jumped at the opportunity to fulfil my goal."  

Starfish studio interior

The Starfish Studio also hosts a number of workshops on Fridays from October to June.

The gallery can be found at 3 Anchor Lane, Johnshaven, Aberdeenshire DD10 0EN and is open 11am - 4pm Tuesday to Sunday.

For more information have a look at the Starfish Studio facebook page.


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