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How I Have Used Botanical Prints in my Sketchbook

September 10, 2023 Naomi Southon

geranium botanical prints

As discussed in the previous blog post, botanical printing is a simple printing technique that allows us to capture the beautiful details and structures in plant material by using it for relief printing.  I printed a selection of leaves using relief printing inks onto both thick and thin teabag papers for inclusion in my sketchbook work, in particular the Seawhite Octopus Sketchbook that I am currently using.  

The sketchbook is working in a long format, different from the usual shape and size I use and so it is challenging the way I think and formulate my work.  It's really enjoyable and I am using multiple techniques over the pages including paper lithography printing also known as gum arabic transfer, collage and painting.

I am very much driven by my love of nature and the tiny details that most people don't see despite it being right under their nose! So the inspiration for this sketchbook is mostly leaves and fern fronds with the odd seed head thrown in for good measure!  It's funny, I prefer leaves to flowers the majority of the time.

Here are some photos of parts of the pages that incorporate the botanical prints.

 fern botanical print

Fern print trimmed and layered on top of a distressed brayer rolled background.  Glued using matt gel medium and surface coated with glazing fluid medium.

Layered over a gelli print on teabag paper.

Geranium leaf layered over gold ink.

Geranium leaf glued with matt gel medium on to glazing medium drawn fern fronds and ink resist.

Gelli printed background washed in dark green black ink. Horse chestnut printed leaves stuck with matt gel medium and highlighted with gold ink.


Paper lithography and brown ink, painted geranium leaves, pressed geranium leaves and printed geranium leaves.

If you would like to try your hand at some botanical printing on teabag paper you can find it in my shop here.


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