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Using a Gelli Plate to Create Patterns and Collage Papers

July 31, 2023 Naomi Southon

One of the main advantages of using a gelli plate is its ability to create beautiful and intricate patterns with ease. The surface of the plate has a gel-like consistency, which allows for easy manipulation and control over the desired pattern or texture. Artists can experiment with different tools, such as stencils, brushes, or even found objects, to create interesting textures on the surface of the gelli plate to create visually interesting designs. These textures are then transferred onto paper when it is pressed onto the plate.


Making a Gelli Plate Stencil with a Glue Gun

July 29, 2023 Naomi Southon

Creating a Gelli Plate stencil using a glue gun is a simple and effective technique that can add unique designs to your artwork. The glue gun, commonly used for bonding materials together, can also be utilized to create intricate stencils for various art projects.

Even More Cyanotype Tie Dye and Shibori

July 27, 2023 Naomi Southon

Following on from the previous blog post using the tube technique these next few pieces were created using that technique but with various extra treatments and folding applied.

More Cyanotype Tie Dye and Shibori

July 25, 2023 Naomi Southon


After dabbling with tie dying the tea bag paper treated with cyanotype chemicals and creating some interesting effects (see previous blog post on Cyanotype tie dye) my mind went into overdrive!  I researched and trawled google for techniques to try.  It's not as simple as just tie dying the paper as the effects are created  depending on where the sunlight can reach or not reach and in a heavily folded piece of shibori the only exposed surfaces would be the outsides and the majority would stay white. Here are a selection of the results I achieved this time.

Relief or Intaglio Print and Tea Bag Paper

July 22, 2023 Naomi Southon

Following on from my more in depth blog on collagraph printing on to tea bag paper I thought I'd do a really quick round up of a few prints I've made on the paper using both relief and intaglio techniques and any thoughts or pointers that I have.

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